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No Choice at All (Part 3 of 3)

Kneecap boasted, “Hellcat! The more you fight, the more fun we’ll have, and the longer it’s going to last.” They dropped her, and Kneecap started ripping off her clothes as Jake held her down. It wasn’t easy. She was fierce. But they were bigger. Stronger. Heavier. And there were two of them. Hellcat was losing […]

It Doesn’t Take Much Some Days – Fiction

It Doesn’t Take Much Some Days The night that Buck broke down wasn’t really different from most other nights.  Later, at a far distance, he would see that night as an accumulation of nights .  Of moments and conversations and expectations. “Don’t come near me, Sissy!”  The tone of Buck’s voice alarmed me. “Buck?:”  I […]

Promises Made

When I become rich after my first novel, I promise not to remember all the little people I stepped on to reach my lofty perch. Unless they’re famous too…. I promise that when I leave the bank after cashing my first multi-million dollar royalty check, I will never again step over a homeless person without […]


5 people died right in front of me. Well, not really died in a technical sense… They were set free… I’d like to think that they’ve gone to a better place. But I didn’t realize until now…that they’ve gone to the BEST place! You see…I didn’t know until it was too late, that if I […]

Another Day in Paradise

I woke up this morning and there was a Daisy growing out of my butt. I lay there on my belly and looked over my shoulder at my derriere and seen the flower gently swaying with each breath I took. I turned my head and put my face back into my pillow thinking “Hmmm, that’s […]

C’est Bon!!

Just to start off this post, Here’s a little song I’m working on… Today I Started loving Me Again I’m right back where I’ve really always been; I fell in love with me just long enough to let my followers mend, then Today I Started Loving me more, Again. What a fool I was to […]


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