Move Along, Nothing To See Here…

Move Along, Nothing To See Here…

So…. What does one write about when there is absolutely nothing to write about on a Thursday morning in Arkansas? I know, I know..there’s tons to write about. There’s always the golden standards to draw inspiration from like; war, murder, rape, robbery, adultery, crime in general, celebrity antics and addictions, boobs, cats, food, political intrigue, […]

No Choice at All (Part 3 of 3)

Kneecap boasted, “Hellcat! The more you fight, the more fun we’ll have, and the longer it’s going to last.” They dropped her, and Kneecap started ripping off her clothes as Jake held her down. It wasn’t easy. She was fierce. But they were bigger. Stronger. Heavier. And there were two of them. Hellcat was losing […]

Divine Divinity

Divine Divinity

“Give it up fat boy!” No response…… In the dim light of my living room, the only light coming from our Christmas tree and a fireplace with twinkling embers, I could see shadows moving up and down the walls and the ceiling. But I wasn’t looking at them…. I was looking for Saint Nick. “Saint” […]

Money Grabber

Money Grabber

  I wanted my money back…. The vending machine just stared at me from its handprint smudged eye. It had just stolen $3 from me by snagging my twin chili dogs halfway around the dispenser. It did it on purpose. I could tell where this was going…. I knew that as I had been hitting […]

Attempted Murder

Unbeknownst to me this morning…. I tried to kill myself… As most of you know dear followers, I am a truck driver; aka: Trucker, Big Rigger, Cargo Relocation Specialist, Official Counter of Interstate Hash Marks and Professional Tourist, and so on etc., I have a very weird schedule concerning eating, sleeping and hygiene. I live […]

Reservation Drums Reservation Shame

There used to be the Buffalo on  high grassy plains, storming across the prairie like torrential rains There used to be the beaver, the wolf and bear Now there are few, now They are rare There used to be drums, There used to be dance, there used to be a people that had a fighting […]

Destination of the Week from Treyzguy

Texarkana, Arkansas Big Ass Loggerhead Turtle! 30 lbs at least! Further notes of interest…One of most terrifying, notorious unsolved crimes in the US occurred here in 1946.  A movie in 1976 called “The Town that Dreaded Sundown” was made about it. Look it up… It’s a cool town. State flags of Texas and Arkansas […]


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