The Silver Maple (Erotica)

Submitted by Storyboardfantasy The summer’s breeze swirled through the night like a playful waltz directing the movement on a crowded ballroom floor.  An over-sized blood-red moon had slowly begun its ascent over the tree line directly behind the two lovers.  The courtyard was empty except the stray jogger from time to time.  It was peaceful; […]

Viagra: Consumer Reports

There is some doubt to the claims and/or validity of Viagra being a wonder drug for men suffering from Penile Erectile Dysfunction, or for women who’s partner SUFFERS from P.E D. THIS reporter will allow that there is a physical reaction from ingestion of said “Little blue pill”. But, I don’t think it works on […]

On Purpose

Some of the things in life: 1) When I’ve been visiting relatives that have numerous rug-rats, and watch the sink fill and pile high with dishes. I can’t take it anymore after washing the same cup over and over again whereas not to add to the pile, so I break down and decide to wash […]

The Erotic Journeys of Jenny- Final Installment

*The following contains adult material and subject matter. Jenny arrived at home in the early evening on the Labor Day Monday. She was exhausted and sore. She unpacked her overnight bag, took a shower and went to bed. The next day at work while she was sifting through her messages and emails she saw Jim’s […]

The Erotic Journeys of Jenny-Sixth Installment.

*The following contains adult material and subject matter To maintain her charade Jenny had agreed to go away with Dave, the wealthy widower her daughter had set her up with. She wasn’t in the slightest bit attracted to the man. He was decent enough looking in his mid-fifties, he was kind and gentle, but not […]

First Time: Tenderness

Check out the rest of the series by following the links on Part 6. He holds her tight Preventing her from falling Her body going limp While he remains rigid So close to the glow That both have dreamed of They drift down to the bed His arms move Along her sweaty skin One around […]

The Party – Erotica Theme

Warning: Sex (M/F, M/M and F/F) and drug use. So I’m just sitting here on the floor with my back to the couch in someone’s living room (I’m too fucking stoned to remember who), minding my own business – okay, maybe not so much minding my own business. I’ll start again. So I’m sitting in […]


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