Historical Fiction

Redneck Dink

Redneck Dink

Veterans Day Born: May 13, 1938 Died: Never The 17 year old private lay in stinky mud Sand…guts…bile…terror and blood The whip-crack of bullets chase him The bombs bursting in air He pushes his face through the fear dirt toward the angry sounds The earth rumbling, growling, biting There is screaming as men continue to […]

Money Grabber

Money Grabber

  I wanted my money back…. The vending machine just stared at me from its handprint smudged eye. It had just stolen $3 from me by snagging my twin chili dogs halfway around the dispenser. It did it on purpose. I could tell where this was going…. I knew that as I had been hitting […]


When I can’t sleep I try holding a pillow over my face like my parents used to do… Still doesn’t work. When my parents taught me how to swim tied up in a burlap sack full of bricks and kittens… Still doesn’t work. When the power goes out and I stick a butter knife in […]

Viagra: Consumer Reports

There is some doubt to the claims and/or validity of Viagra being a wonder drug for men suffering from Penile Erectile Dysfunction, or for women who’s partner SUFFERS from P.E D. THIS reporter will allow that there is a physical reaction from ingestion of said “Little blue pill”. But, I don’t think it works on […]

Wander Lust (revised)

I reworked this oldie a bit. Hope you new folks like it! “That’s it…I’m done!” I sat down heavily on a rock, pulling off my sandals and clapping them together to get this freaking sand off of them! Like walking on F’n sandpaper! (Get it?) I was a little pissed. You see…today is my birthday. […]


I’m not bragging or boasting…no more than usual at least But I’d like to share with you…some of the skills that set me apart from the rest of y’all. These talents were bestowed upon me by powers greater than you or myself. I have to give a shout out to a bit of a Valhalla […]

X-Files (rev.25..e2q..sec123 pgh 34)

  I hacked into the FBI mainframe this morning. (But first a quick observation: Don’t put your glasses on right after you clean the lenses with one of those lens wipes. It makes your eyes burn and tear up) Anyways…as I was saying I hacked into the FBI mainframe this morning while I was trying […]


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