Z Land

Z Land

​Have you ever had a wonderful, beautiful, tragic, romantic, heart-rending dream before? There is this girl (I don’t know how old we are in my dream) but, if it’s in relation to her age, I should be late 20’s. Lord, I hope I’m not a dirty, old man in dreamland….  All I can remember about […]


Howdy… Remember me? It’s Trey… I used to be quite prolific on this forum of ours, for a wanna be blogger sans talent or education. I ran into life, lately. It’s funny how that happens, ain’t it? You’re just walking around, doing your thing and BAM!! Life reminds us that we are real. We forget… […]

Move Along, Nothing To See Here…

Move Along, Nothing To See Here…

So…. What does one write about when there is absolutely nothing to write about on a Thursday morning in Arkansas? I know, I know..there’s tons to write about. There’s always the golden standards to draw inspiration from like; war, murder, rape, robbery, adultery, crime in general, celebrity antics and addictions, boobs, cats, food, political intrigue, […]

When I Meet My Maker

Down the road apiece…

Things That Piss Me Off!!!!

Things That Piss Me Off!!!!

Not in any particular order…. It’s all about the timing. Women that do not refill the ice trays and put them back in the freezer with one cube left. I’M NOT EVEN GONNA START ABOUT THE PEANUT BUTTER!!! 420 empty shampoo and soap bottles, 1 half empty or half full depending on your outlook, in […]

Identity, Check Please

It’s a drizzly, cold, yucky day here in Irving, Texas…. Here’s what I’m thinking. You know what one of the main benefits of being lower middle class is, or should I say “upper poverty”? Not being concerned, in the least, of having my identity stolen. What about your privacy, you may ask. I’m an American; […]

Stay In Love

Stay In Love

Oh, I’m sorry honey… I didn’t wake you up, did I? How does my staring at you, wake you up? No, I didn’t stick my finger in your nose…. You were asleep; I can stare at you if I want to. I know, I’m a mean husband and your mother is right and you deserve […]


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