Waiting For You.

A Drama in 3 Acts: Out There Waiting For You. She loved the sound of the white gravel under her feet because that sound took her closer to him. They met every Thursday at the same bench in the park. With it’s stone walls, pathways and greenery, the park was a beautiful place to be. […]

Attempted Murder

Unbeknownst to me this morning…. I tried to kill myself… As most of you know dear followers, I am a truck driver; aka: Trucker, Big Rigger, Cargo Relocation Specialist, Official Counter of Interstate Hash Marks and Professional Tourist, and so on etc., I have a very weird schedule concerning eating, sleeping and hygiene. I live […]

Holy Ground

As I’m driving my truck across Canada and the USA, I think my time away I go throughout many states, to a different town, a different day I try to see as much of our countries history as I can To stand upon a treasured spot and touch it with my hand Each place has […]


I’m not bragging or boasting…no more than usual at least But I’d like to share with you…some of the skills that set me apart from the rest of y’all. These talents were bestowed upon me by powers greater than you or myself. I have to give a shout out to a bit of a Valhalla […]

X-Files (rev.25..e2q..sec123 pgh 34)

  I hacked into the FBI mainframe this morning. (But first a quick observation: Don’t put your glasses on right after you clean the lenses with one of those lens wipes. It makes your eyes burn and tear up) Anyways…as I was saying I hacked into the FBI mainframe this morning while I was trying […]

Destination of the Week from Treyzguy

Texarkana, Arkansas Big Ass Loggerhead Turtle! 30 lbs at least! Further notes of interest…One of most terrifying, notorious unsolved crimes in the US occurred here in 1946.  A movie in 1976 called “The Town that Dreaded Sundown” was made about it. Look it up… It’s a cool town. State flags of Texas and Arkansas […]

The Lake

        The sun rippled off the surface of the lake, lighting the edges of the ripples on fire. Talia leaned on the edge of the dock, breathing in the breeze, the scents of dying leaves, the moist, cold earth-smell of autumn. A shadow passed and she looked up at the hawk floating effortlessly above.         […]


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