Money Grabber

Money Grabber

  I wanted my money back…. The vending machine just stared at me from its handprint smudged eye. It had just stolen $3 from me by snagging my twin chili dogs halfway around the dispenser. It did it on purpose. I could tell where this was going…. I knew that as I had been hitting […]


  It had been a long hard day at work shifting and lugging the stock, and I was glad to be home. I turned the key in the door and opened it, almost falling into the house with sheer exhaustion. I slammed the door shut behind me and rested my head against and let out […]

The House at Carrick Close: Visitors for a ghostly prompt

Click clack went the clattering of her teeth Snip snap Crunch munch Bones and meat and children’s feet “Mom!” Honestly, the woman’s poetry was getting worse, if such a thing was possible. “Yes, darling?” “You’re scaring Charlie.” “Charles, are you scared?” There was no response from her tow-headed brother. “Charlie?” “See, Mom. I told you. […]



It happened again… At least I think it did. I can’t remember if it did or not, but I still have a sense of confusion. That’s usually a marker that I have forgotten to do something, I can’t remember something or I can’t remember to do something I forgot about. This seems to be a […]


5 people died right in front of me. Well, not really died in a technical sense… They were set free… I’d like to think that they’ve gone to a better place. But I didn’t realize until now…that they’ve gone to the BEST place! You see…I didn’t know until it was too late, that if I […]

The Last Six Months – “One Day” Weekly Prompt

A story for the October 6th Weekly Prompt – One Day. Twenty-nine year old Mort stood at the top of a crane, far above a deep moraine lake, with his elbows raised to shoulder height, thinking,  This must be how a bird feels just before it takes flight. “If you had a chance,” Mort asked […]

Their Fault

I needed coffee. I needed coffee bad. The only wish that I had before I headed into the truck stop was that I would not have to look, talk, or interact with another human. I was afraid that….wait, that’s not quite correct….I KNEW that if someone said “Good Morning” or “Sup?” or ….god I hate […]


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