This Old Home Prompt On the Community Story Board

This Old Home Prompt On the Community Story Board

This Old House – Community Storyboard Prompt by John W. Howell. “So what do you think?” “I don’t know what to tell you.” “Well you’ve been looking around and measuring for hours. I need to know from an engineering standpoint what you think.” “I didn’t want to be blunt, but I think you need to […]

That Thrill of Swooning – Poem for a Prompt ‘The First Time’

That Thrill of Swooning Perhaps my belt was cinched a bit too tightly or afternoons in July down South are just too hot and humid and ripe. I can’t be sure exactly what is was about the first time I felt your arms around me –  your lips close enough to kiss. Even the salty […]

First Time for Everything

(Done off the cuff and half asleep.) “Are you sure you know what you’re doing, Roy?” “Of course, I’ve done this plenty of times, Jackson.” “All I’m thinking is that there are a lot of wires and that generator is pretty big.  One slip and the entire building can explode.” “You’re exaggerating out of stress […]

I Was Feeling Mumphy

Submitted by Quiall for Nonsense Prompt I was feeling mumphy A little mad and grumpy A wee bit sad and grouchy A tad more cross and dumpy I was feeling mumphy Perhaps a little drowsy and just a little dreamy in a sleepy kind of rowsy I was feeling mumphy But my words were getting […]

April Prompt: Fun with Nonsense

So things have been quiet here.  Ionia and I talked about a way to liven things up and have some fun during a month where everyone seems to have projects.  People may even be a little stressed with deadlines, winter trying to hold on, and whatever else has you down.  That’s why we decided to […]

A Fly On The Wall – ( Prompt ‘From the Eyes of a Little One’)

A Fly On The Wall As coups go it was somewhat peaceful. A few dead here. A few dead there. The hasty packing of boxes. Secret documents thrown into a pond. I was a fly on the wall that day. I heard a lot. I’m lucky to be alive. Ellespeth

Little is as Little Does

Little by John W. Howell ©2014 “So did you see Helen last night?” “Yeah I sure did.” “How did it go?” “What do you mean go?” “You know what I mean. Did you show it to her?” “I did.” “Good for you. I know it has been one of the things bothering you. What did […]


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