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Fear by Sherry at My Ghost in Me

(Submission made by Sherry at My Ghost In Me.) Me was mentally exhausted- deep sleep came quickly as she hung tight to Freedom’s mane.  Soon her mind began to open to the universe- color and form came forward- taking her into her dreams.  She was back at the county garage- 12 years earlier- where the […]

One Afternoon Downtown – Flash Fiction

A little something I wrote, this afternoon, that reminds me of our Community Storyboard and our hopes.  Hope to be back soon.  with love, Ellespeth  ♥ One Afternoon Downtown – Fiction “Have you quit your day job yet?” he asked. “No. Not yet.” I felt my heart sinking. I was in the editor’s office. Mr. Editor […]

The Misunderstanding Part 4

He laughed; a wicked laugh which got louder and deeper as he walked away. … Jayce Kendall answered his home office phone. “It’s Ray. Jan’s nearly hysterical. That psychopath I told you about last week just attacked her in our garage. He threatened to kill them if I call the cops again. I’m headed home, […]

The Misunderstanding (Part 2)

The line went dead. Ray held the phone a moment, trying to fight back panic and figure out what to do. “Jan, take Grace to a neighbor’s and stay there.” “Why? What’s wrong?” “Some nutcase is coming here. I accidentally grabbed his bag at the airport. He made threats. It’s probably nothing, but just in […]

The Misunderstanding (Part 1) (Fiction)

The ‘Misunderstanding’ By Russ Towne The trip had been grueling. He still had to get their luggage before they headed home. It was in an endless stream of suitcases on the over-stuffed carousel. Adding to the ‘fun’ was that the color of the vast majority of the luggage was black and of the same design […]

No Choice at All (Part 3 of 3)

Kneecap boasted, “Hellcat! The more you fight, the more fun we’ll have, and the longer it’s going to last.” They dropped her, and Kneecap started ripping off her clothes as Jake held her down. It wasn’t easy. She was fierce. But they were bigger. Stronger. Heavier. And there were two of them. Hellcat was losing […]

As Long As It Stays Respectable – Writing Challenge

As Long As It Stays Respectable I’d do just about anything for Buck. At least I ‘d try to. Now, I don’t want all those liberating women types flying their opinions in my face. As I have well proven, in the past, I absolutely can live my life my way.  When it comes to Buck […]


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