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Fear by Sherry at My Ghost in Me

(Submission made by Sherry at My Ghost In Me.) Me was mentally exhausted- deep sleep came quickly as she hung tight to Freedom’s mane.  Soon her mind began to open to the universe- color and form came forward- taking her into her dreams.  She was back at the county garage- 12 years earlier- where the […]

Waiting For You.

A Drama in 3 Acts: Out There Waiting For You. She loved the sound of the white gravel under her feet because that sound took her closer to him. They met every Thursday at the same bench in the park. With it’s stone walls, pathways and greenery, the park was a beautiful place to be. […]

No Choice at All (Part 3 of 3)

Kneecap boasted, “Hellcat! The more you fight, the more fun we’ll have, and the longer it’s going to last.” They dropped her, and Kneecap started ripping off her clothes as Jake held her down. It wasn’t easy. She was fierce. But they were bigger. Stronger. Heavier. And there were two of them. Hellcat was losing […]

This Old Home Prompt On the Community Story Board

This Old Home Prompt On the Community Story Board

This Old House – Community Storyboard Prompt by John W. Howell. “So what do you think?” “I don’t know what to tell you.” “Well you’ve been looking around and measuring for hours. I need to know from an engineering standpoint what you think.” “I didn’t want to be blunt, but I think you need to […]


Submitted for the ‘This Old Home Writing Challenge’ by J.C. Scheff He knew they loved this house once; with its front facing gable, ornamental parts and asymmetrical facade. They loved the musty smell of the cellar and the cedar. They even enjoyed the occasional mouse and spider that came out in the fall. He thought […]


Submitted by Russ Towne. Lt. Paul Dawson was miserable. “This whole mission has been one nightmare after another. Our communications systems with Earth stopped working as soon as we hit this planet’s atmosphere. I’d just started the thermal scan when that arrogant idiot captain, the insufferable whiner ordered me to explore the planet’s surface with […]


Submitted by Russ Towne Mary and Hope were lifelong best friends, and Jason and Ted had an unbreakable bond of camaraderie. The moment the men saw the ladies at a county fair, it was love at first sight. It was the same for Mary and Hope. In their early twenties, their happiness grew without bounds. […]


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